Recently an article with a picture of the inventor, Julia Szerenyi, appeared in Hungary’s largest agricultural magazine, the Small Producers’ Mag, about the benefits of Organic Green Gold.

Farmers now have a new method of significantly increasing their yields in a natural way, without harming the environment.  The Hungarian invention has received National Product Award as well as a prestigious award from the National Food and Agricultural Exhibition (OMEK). After 8 years of research and experimentation, it has been in use for 5 years, more and more producers are buying it as it spreads by word of mouth. The inventors are farmers themselves, who hold presentations about the product nationwide, displaying the results.

There are 54,000 species of algae worldwide, of which 2-3000 live in the soil, some of them already live in/on the plants we consume, for example lettuce. Organic Green Gold is of the type which is able to live together with plants and gets integrated with the plant cells after spraying. It does not only transfer the nutrients from its own cells, but also vitamins, essential amino acids, and chlorophyl, which it produces. There is an incredibly high number of living algae inside a single liter of concentrate. The easily soluble polimer ties within its structure enable it to quickly transmit the micro-elements to the plants.  The algae which fall into the soil after spraying provide valuable carbohydrates and sugars for the microorganisms, fungi and bacteria, living there.

The use of the algae provided successful protection against drought and because of it fertilizer use was decreased by 30-40%, to costs. It can be mixed with herbicides, so even its application does not bring on any additional expense. It increases not only the quantity of harvested produce, but also the quality — farmers who previously could not sell autumn wheat to the mills, were able to do so after applying Organic Green Gold. Oat originally grown for horses could be sold for human consumption after the use of OGG.

There was no need for any protection against the fungi Fusarium because the immune system of the plants was so much strengthened.