Yield hacking is a multi-billion dollar business.


The market is huge.






The world land area dedicated to agriculture


Global food production must increase by 70% to meet our needs by 2050

billion hectares of land used on the planet for crop production

billion hectares used to raise livestock worldwide










Let us share the profit.


Yield Hacker needs your help to spread the idea
and accelerate the use of Organic Green Gold
throughout the world.

We have developed two options for hands-on involvement.

Yield Hackers


You can become a certified Yield Hacker yourself.

Recommended for experienced professionals who are already providing the farming community with products & services.



Often it is difficult to take the first step and test the “green stuff” to see if it really works.

So we fund the first scientific testing of OGG on as much and as many varieties of produce as possible.

There is a return of investment after the yield increase has been realized.