Introducing the Yield Hacker Sponsor Package

We are a community.

An ecological community.

A farming community.

A life-hacking, growth-hacking community.

Here is an idea to gather enough investment to make farms more sustainable.

There is a stable return on investment.


  1. We agree with Grower to set aside a portion of their farmland, orchard, plantation, or green houses specifically for OGG testing.
  2. Yield Hacker funds and oversees the application of OGG and Grower assists in the documentation of the results.
  3. The demonstrated yield increase translates into more income after the produce is sold and all related costs are paid.
  4. The additional income Grower has been able to realize on the test area is then shared between the Crowdfunders (50%)  and the Grower (50%)
  5. If Grower decides to order OGG, the agency fee continues to flow to Crowdfunders year after year.

The purpose is to start the process. It is a stimulus, a provocation.

Understandably, growers are reluctant to try out something new.

They may not want to invest the time & energy into testing.

Once we start, it will pay for itself.

Farmers will be convinced of the results and they will apply Organic Green Gold after the tests, if nothing else, merely for financial reasons.

No need to work as an agent and convince farmers, we will do that for you, a professional team, who can speak the farmers’ language, you just provide the money and we share the profits.

  • There is income from a guaranteed larger yield after harvest.
  • There is also income from the sale of Organic Green Gold – this becomes permanent, regular annual income as the grower continues to order.

In this way there is continuous funding for scientifically documented testing on a large variety of crops in association with reputable research institutions.







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