The Opportunity

The Hungarian government attracts investment and aims to turn the country into a commercial and manufacturing hub in the region, the gateway to the European Union.

There are serious grants, favorable loans, and venture capital investment available for foreign companies who involve Hungarian technologies or invest in the country. 

Hungary is the perfect stepping stone for startups who would like a head start for a robust market validation and leverage a collaborative ecosystem of hardcore developers, genius engineers, creative marketing specialists, and a powerful sales team. Then they can move on to the United States or other markets to obtain further funding for global scaling and business development. 

It is relatively easy to qualify. The idea is to have a project with the joint (Hungarian and foreign) use of innovative technologies. The scope is very wide. 

The economy is booming.

The future outlook for Cenral-Eastern Europe is very promising. Young, tech-savvy population, highly skilled workforce, major development projects financed by the European Union, highly developed infrastructure, and excellent access to world markets characterize the region.

Investors need managers on the ground who have connections and efficiently navigate their way through bureaucracy to achieve results: get permits, obtain funding, launch the project and bring it to completion. This is the YieldHacker Group.