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Organic Green Gold (OGG) is a certified organic product highly recommended for organic growers worldwide. The living algae concentrate is so pure that fruit & vegetable produce may be consumed immediately after application, and yes, farmers can actually drink it (some say it will make your hair grow). OGG is widely used among non-organic producers as well since it decreases fertilizer use and improves the immune system of plants. Algae is flying around all over the place all the time, we just condense it and target the plant directly where it continues to live and achieve its wonders on the nano level. Organic Green Gold is the very beginning of the food chain. Start well!

Substantial Yield Increase


Organic Green Gold has been repeatedly proven to significantly increase yields, by 20-30% on average. The larger fruit & vegetables are not bloated but are literally bursting with nutrients. More volume in crops is achieved consistently, increasing not only revenues, but the sustainability of the soil for future harvests. Since plants do not need to waste energy taking nutrients up through the root system from the soil, but vital elements are absorbed directly through foliage, they grow faster, bigger, and healthier. Less of the produce is lost to disease, fungi, drought, and even hail, as OGG helps plants regenerate even after physical damage. OGG farmers use 40% less fertilizer, further decreasing their costs.

Better Quality Produce


Organic Green Gold is responsible for better, more authentic, richer taste. Yields are not only larger, but of consistent higher quality, so produce previously below standard, can now enter the premium markets, without depleting the soil. Produce treated with OGG has a longer shelf life, is full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, the essential mark of high quality products. The Biogarantiqa Seal on purchased produce guarantees that the grower has applied OGG on a regular basis, setting the standard for premium consumers worldwide, whether organic or conventional. Organic no longer has to be inferior. Taste and see the difference!




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Hungarian Quality Product Award®

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Organic Green Gold is proud to have received the the Hungarian Quality Product Award®, which as the emblem of the economy, embodies and expresses the commitment of Hungary towards the quality certified.

Jointly awarded by:
HIPAVILON Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency Non-profit Co. Ltd.
INDUSTORG Trademark Office Quality Assurance Co. Ltd.
Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc.
Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc.
Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection
Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency
TERC Trade and Service Co. Ltd.
TÜV Rheinland InterCert Co. Ltd.tuv rheinland

In association with:
Public Procurement Authority
Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
Ministry for National Economy
Ministry for National Development

The mission of the tender for the Hungarian Quality Product Award® is to certify those exportable products and services whose quality are promoting – far exceeding the mediocre – the development of the Hungarian economy.

The Hungarian Quality Product Award® is the European passport of certified quality, as it is built on strict requirements, carrying it depends on constant post-monitoring.


eu_organic_logo150Organic Green Gold is 100% organic, therefore it can be used to produce certified organic products. According to the European Commission’s regulations, consumers, when choosing to buy or eat organic products, should be able to have confidence that these comply with strict EU rules. Products that do not meet these standards may not be referred to as organic or bear the EU’s organic logo or a national equivalent.


According to European agricultural practices, we observe a strictly non-GMO policy, and the term “yield hacking” regarding Organic Green Gold does not imply genetic modification in any form. The basis of the yield increase is a purely biological process involving living microorganisms and the exchange of nutrients from cell to cell.


Quality Management

iso9001Production of Organic Green Gold takes place under strict sanitary and quality control procedures certified by the international standard ISO 9001. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement.