Tell us what you produce

on how much land,


and we will let you know

how much Organic Green Gold to apply,

how often,

and what results to expect.

What do you produce?

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Key Benefits

It's Green



Ethical farming

Protects the soil

Protects the plant

Protects the produce

Protects the environment

Makes farming more sustainable

Responsibility to future generations

It Makes Money


More volume

Higher yields

Higher quality

More security

Reduced loss

Sells easier

Sells premium

Less synthetic fertilizer necessary






You are a grower and you are not yet using OGG?

Larger & higher quality yields

More revenue & less cost

Protects the soil & environment






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Strawberries without OGG

Strawberries without OGG

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Strawberries with OGG

Strawberries with OGG