Organic Green Gold is a living algae ecosystem

The living algae are sprayed onto the plants at strictly specified times, depending on each species’ growth plateau. Nutrient intake takes place from cell to cell on the nano level. The plant does not resist the algae, because they are of a similar composition.

The microorganisms of OGG produce chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, so the plant does not have to use as much energy producing them itself.

Although the soil itself is not targeted, the effect of Organic Green Gold on the soil is also significant, where it induces the healthy balance of microorganisms, and useful fungi. The indirect effect on the soil is the reduced (40% on average) use of fertilizers and the ability of the soil to replenish nutrients and minerals, since the plants do not deplete it, because nutrient intake happens on the foliage level.

Mechanism of Action in Organic Green Gold Algae


The microorganisms at work are composed of small unicellular algae that can also be found in dark-leaf vegetables.

As it can already be found in plants, it works as an effective transfer of nutrients.

The key to the successful mechanism of action is the process of inter-cellar exchange (ICE). The alga cell enters through the stomata of the plant (which is its natural environment in general), attaches itself to the plant’s cells and transfers its nutrients into them through diffusion. The flow of the cytoplasm accelerates the process. Due to the pressure and its equalization process, the nutrients flow from cell to cell at sonic speed.

The cells of the alga and the plant are connected through cytoplasm spears. The nutrients mix with the transparent liquid of the cytoplasm and form large molecules. The cytoplasm is about 80% water in which proteins, lipid carbohydrates, pigments, hormones and vitamins are dissolved. The protoplasm is responsible for all the cell’s life-processes (growth, reproduction, reformation, regeneration).

The unique alga cells connect with the cells of the leaves, and through the cytoplasm spears the nutrients and the mostly ionic compounds that foster growth can flow into the cells of the plant’s leaves.

  • OGG is made using a nutrient mix of a special composition, through a so-called photo-bio fermentation technology.
  • A vegetal bio-nutrient with a complex effect, 100% utilizable, and environment-friendly.
  • A thankful capability of algae present in OGG, is that they can absorb a large volume of nutrients and store them as live or dead organic materials.
  • It contains macro, meso, and micro elements, amino acids, vitamins and bio-regulators.

OGG Effect

N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Al, Se, Mo, B, S + essential amino acids, vitamins.

It helps restore the disintegrated biological order and balance of the soil.

If the soil is properly tilled it helps reinvigorate the arable soil and it assists in restoring the original fertility, it boosts soil life and contributes to the formation of humus.


  • The germination and growth potential of plants are improved.
  • The green mass of the root and the plant grow.
  • Fibers are strengthened (!)
  • An earlier and longer breeding season and blossoming.
  • It stems the ageing of cells.
  • Its use does not cause stress.
  • It increases resistance to diseases and pests.
  • It strengthens the drought resistance capability of plants.

The effect of OGG on oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) is phenomenal. Not only does it produce massive growth, it increases the shelf life from days to weeks, which is an immediate revenue increasing factor.

OGG effect on oyster mushrooms
OGG effect on oyster mushrooms
OGG effect on oyster mushrooms
OGG effect on oyster mushrooms