About us

Yield Hacker is the marketing brand used to promote the agricultural yield-boosting Organic Systems products of the company Biogarantiqa.

ogg1The flagship product of the Organic Systems product family is the powerful Organic Green Gold, a living algae concentrate.

The organic living algae nutrient, when sprayed on plants during the growth plateaus, is proven to spectacularly increase crop yields, make plants more resistant to disease & drought, strengthen the plant’s immune system, and help regenerate the soil. When applied consistently, the positive effect adds up to produce even more amazing results.

The Biogarantiqa Quality Seal on products (fruits, vegetables, crops, processed food, and even secondary dairy and meat products) guarantees the plants have been nurtured on Organic Green Gold which ensures high nutritional value, finest quality, and an ethical farming approach.

The algae populations were planned, developed, tested, and cultivated for over seven years by an agricultural engineer couple in Hungary. Their research was initiated among others by the lectures and studies of effective microorganisms (EM) by Professor Teruo Higa from Okinawa, Japan. The project is financed by individual private investors.

Licensing, permits, and patents are currently registered under the company A.E.T. (Agro Ecology Team) Slovakia , where production is currently taking place.


A.E.T. Slovakia s.r.o.
Michalská bašta 12
Nové Zámky 940 54

Registration number: (ICO) 44 267 274
Tax number: (DIC) SK2022672454

Quality Management


Sales & Marketing:

Biogarantiqa Kft.
Fürdő u. 4.
Gyöngyös, H-3232

Phone +36 27 538 920
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Global Development Director: Andras Patkai
Phone +32 483 54 36 17 (Belgium)
Phone +36 30 645 4573 (Hungary)
Email info@yieldhacker.com
Corporate web site: www.organicgreengold.eu

Registration number: 10-09-035032
Tax number: HU 25110175


IBAN: HU22 6200 0040 1103 3341 0000 0000
Bank name: Gyöngyös-Mátra Takarékszövetkezet
Bank address: 3200 Gyöngyös, Magyar út 1.


Yield Hacker London +44 208 123 2087 uk@yieldhacker.com
Yield Hacker Berlin +49 160 915 35 335 germany@yieldhacker.com
Yield Hacker Brussels +32 483 54 36 17 belgium@yieldhacker.com
Yield Hacker New York +1 347 410 9033 usa@yieldhacker.com

Tests have been carried out in the following locations:

Switzerland, Mexico, Egypt, Ghana, and Sri Lanka

We at Yield Hacker promote sustainable agriculture and responsible farming for future generations.

We also create job opportunities for those who understand and can work together with growers, producers, farmers in a practical way.

What is more, Yield Hacker raises money through crowdfunding on a project basis to finance tests on the field.

The name

Organic Green Gold is a true yield hacker. We have coined the term based on the expression life hacking. It will “hack” the agricultural yield and as a result, the annual financial yield of the business. Growth hacking at its best. Must be featured on Lifehacker.com because it is an easily accessible and ethical “hack” for any agricultural producer which brings massive results immediately.

It has nothing to do with legal or illegal computer hacking or genetic engineering (GMO) at all.

The future

eu_organic_logoOur vision is to make yield hacking with Organic Green Gold the norm in agriculture worldwide. Not only because of the increased yield, but primarily for the sake of sustainable farming. Produce that has been treated with Organic Green Gold in the European Union may use the EU Organic logo, provided it also meets other requirements.

We plan to bring this about through active lobbying of legislation internationally, and the establishment of a network of regional scientific research & educational centers where the idea of sustainable and responsible ethical food production in harmony with nature is put into practice and transferred to the next generation.