For people who want to get really practical.

This is a community where we hack yields.

We are constantly looking out for new opportunities and methods to increase the return on investment in any business or corporate process. We are looking to optimize resources and outcomes in government, enterprise solutions, and the nonprofit sector.

Yieldhacker is an innovative, lively business club, where business owners and would-be entrepreneurs get together to discuss latest technologies, market trends, exchange ideas, get tips on marketing, sales, and on how to increase revenue. 

We respect, inspire, and help each other. All based on trust.

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The founders are a group of investors and legal professionals, based in Europe and North America, who have pooled resources to search for innovative business ideas, teams, and technologies which radically impact our future.

Our expertise spans across various industries, including government, military, law enforcement, homeland security, security services, media, investment funds, smart manufacturing, IT, cybersecurity, agriculture, food chain safety, healthcare, supply chain, fintech, international trade & commerce, oil & gas, real estate, and hospitality.

Yieldhacker is an information hub to leverage the connections and know-how of a closely-connected and high-energy team of passionate professionals for the reputational and financial benefit of all parties involved.

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