You can do this as an individual, or as a legal entity. The legal entity can be a for profit company, or a nonprofit association. Even an academic or religious institution or political party.

There are many international organizations which foster education, human rights, democracy, agricultural sustainability, small business activity, healthcare, and charity worldwide. Some of these operate under the United Nations (UN), others are sponsored by the European Union or USAID, as well as individual governments, funds, think tanks or religious organizations. Many of these are umbrella organizations which have other associations or organizations as members. There is a lot of money flowing through these organizations, budgets are being approved every year. It is possible to partake in a program, apply for a grant, connect them to an existing project in your town. They are always looking for activists. Activism, beyond doing good in this world, is the gateway to experience, connections, jobs, business opportunities.

These organizations are excellent platforms for networking, experience, promotion, and activism. Get to know them a little and see which one is closest to your values and objectives.

While you are at it, you might as well join several, not just one.

Focus on an area of activity you would like to leverage in the future, for example economic development or environmental protection.

If there is no formal way to become a member, you can certainly join their social media group or become an active follower. Remember to engage with the organization through email, social media, chat. Retweet, repost, mention, hashtag, quote, and like them.

Make sure you get involved with the branch of the organization which connects directly to your geographic locality.

If this does not yet exist, create one.

Suddenly you can find yourself in a position of representing an international organization in your area, which has a lot of benefits.

Remember, your goal is to bring value to your community, or create impact in a tangible and measurable way, so don’t get lost in the lofty dreams of a global organization, but focus on how this can benefit you where you are.

If you don’t see the practical outcomes as a result of your activity in the organization, then maybe it’s time to create your own independent organization. This entity should serve a very specific purpose, for example bring foreign direct investment to your country, or improve the standards of health, or revolutionize education, or clean up the rivers, or create more transparency in government, or increase geopolitical stability. If you can achieve results locally, there is a chance your organization will become global.