Create 52 company profiles as blog entries of the main movers and shakers in any industry, one per week, you will soon become an industry expert, a point of reference, and a networking hub.

With just one a week, you could be done in a year, then start over for next year’s edition. Next year you could do a related industry. Leverage the opportunity in the meantime.

Don’t promote yourself, just write about the fascinating things others are doing and position yourself as someone who can potentially open new opportunities for them.

There are several ways to monetize this:

  1. First you can sell ad space.
  2. You can also ask a number of non-competing companies to sponsor a category each, where they would be featured exclusively. 
  3. Sell the content with the license to a book publisher, magazine editor, or media organization.
  4. Create a web site and community around the content.
  5. Act as a mediator between the companies and the public. Instead of publishing their contact details (which they may not consent to anyway) just create a contact form which directs all traffic to you. You can negotiate a commission with the company as you introduce customers and distributors to them. 
  6. Offer consulting services and access to marketing lists to service providers who want to reach the companies you listed.
  7. Offer translation, market research, advertising, sales, design, exhibition, shipping, grant writing, legal, accounting, cybersecurity, or catering services to the companies or third parties trying to access your market.
  8. Apply for government and international (EU, USAID, UN) grants for the promotion of business in the area, attracting foreign direct investment, and fostering job creation.