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Some answers to prevously asked questions

The key to clear thinking is asking good questions. Asking questions means you are aleady on the right track of solving problems.

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How do I get my target audience's attention on LinkedIn?

Make a list of the industries you want to sell to.

Then make a list of the target companies you want to focus on.

Make a quick study of who are the decision makers, who are the experts, mid-managers, VPs in the company dealing with your area.

Now create an attractive profile for yourself emphasizing solutions to problems the industry is dealing with. Especially those companies, if you know what they are battling, what cuts into their revenue, where their greatest expenses, pain points lie.

Then join the groups which your target decision makers are also part of.

Identify a few influencers in the industry and within the groups. Those who have the most followers, who are most active.

Make meaningful contributions in the groups. Hashtag people, follow them and their companies, products. Quote them, repost their content, call attention to their events, product launches, white papers. Comment on their content, ask them questions, promote them, gain their trust.

Find articles about problems in the industry and repost them, with comments on how your solutions can increase revenue in similar situations.

You can suggest a specific solution to their specific problem once you get to know them better and they make a first move towards you, for example they connect, or like your comment, or reply to one of your comments.

How can I approach a water treatment plant with my proposal to sell them a microbial treatment solution?

Try to identify their pain points, what are their greatest expenses?

If you think you are able to reduce their costs, you already have a very good reason to knock directly on their door.

Validate your solution by a third party.

Try to see if you are able to not only reduce the expenses they have, but provide a source of revenue for them.

For example, if the microbial solution can turn the toxic sewage sludge into agricultural fertilizer, you have just created a stream of revenue from the expense. It is very expensive to get rid of sewage sludge. Farmers are willing to pay for organic fertilizer to improve their yields, just make the connection.

What's the most effective way to lobby for a cause in government?

Establish an international non-governmental organization (NGO), which is a legal entity, it’s easier than you think. All you have to do is basically register a nonprofit entity, an association.

Create an appealing web site, plan events, issue statements, involve the media, create interviews, create some content.

Then you and your activists should approach members of parliament in a number of key countries, who already support your specific cause, to endorse, join, and be active in your organization.

Organize events for them where the legislators can express their concerns and propose their solutions, make sure there’s good media coverage.

Coordinate a joint international effort to promote legislation in favor of your cause.

Involve local grassroots groups and activists, connect them to the members of parliament and media.

In this way you will create international pressure, domestic activism, and media attention. Otherwise you will not be taken seriously.